The 4th pain point we cover in the Playbook is that most dealership website visitors that view a search results page (SRP), never drill down to a vehicle details page (VDP) and only visit between 3-4 website pages over an average 2-3-minute session.

This is a big problem because VDP engagement is the #1 indicator of a car deal.

When VelocityEngage icons are displayed on SRPs – they intrigue shoppers so much that dealers see a minimal increase of 30% more drilldowns to the VDP level. VelocityEngage icons are compelling and strategically placed on SRPs – based upon digital experiments across hundreds of dealership websites.

When shoppers see an attractive graphical element that says “Explore All Videos & Documents” or “See The Entire Digital Portfolio” – it makes them curious enough to click.

And when they do… VelocityEngage delivers on their expectations with colorful brochures, documents, reports, videos, and important vehicle records!

So, how can salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage to solve the problem of not getting enough VDP drilldowns from SRP website viewers?
Be sure to display VelocityEngage icons on all your website SRPs and VDPs.
Add banners to the top of your inventory pages to let your visitors know to look for the digital portfolio icon on all vehicle pages.
Send digital portfolios to every potential customer and share them on your social channels.
That’s it folks! I hope you now understand how VelocityEngage helps to drive more traffic from your website SRPs down to VDPs.