The 3rd pain point we cover in the Playbook is that your dealership does not get enough direct website leads. This is an awful problem because direct website leads are your best leads – with the highest closing rate.
VelocityEngage delivers digital portfolios directly to your website visitors – that are visually appealing and logically organized with a wealth of information such as window stickers, colorful brochures, videos, inspection reports, reconditioning records, OEM documents, lots of photos, and more.

Because digital portfolios naturally transition shoppers through the sales funnel – from discovery and evaluation to intent and purchase – your direct website lead volume will increase dramatically.

So, how can salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage to solve the problem of not getting enough direct website leads?
Display VE icons on all SRPs and VDPs. Make sure the icons are above the fold, large enough to see, and easily accessible without the need to scroll.
When reaching out to leads, be sure to mention the digital portfolio in your voice mails and text messages, and include a digital portfolio link in your emails.
Set up your CRM to include a digital portfolio in your autoresponder so that shoppers will automatically receive price change notifications and an updated digital portfolio.
That’s it folks! I hope you now understand how VelocityEngage can dramatically increase your dealership’s direct website lead volume so that you can get more of your highest closing leads – and sell more cars!