The 2nd pain point we cover in the Playbook is the painful and often disheartening process of long-term lead follow-up.
VelocityEngage digital portfolios are the #1 top performing email template in the CRM – with an average open rate of 70%. They also yield the highest level of customer responses!

Why do they perform so well?

Digital portfolios contain videos, reports, documents, and images in an attractive design – that gets shoppers’ senses involved. They contain relevant and valuable information that shoppers are searching all over the internet to try to find.

VelocityEngage also automatically sends vehicle price change alerts to your dealership’s leads to keep them engaged over the long term – and these alerts contain the digital portfolio with the updated price.

So, how can salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage to solve the problem of painful and disheartening long-term lead follow-up?
Set up your CRM to automatically send a digital portfolio to every internet lead.
When following up on leads, be sure to mention the digital portfolio in your voice and text messages, and every email that goes out to a potential buyer. Have your website provider add banners on the top of your inventory pages making visitors aware of your digital portfolios and the valuable information they contain.
That’s it folks! I hope you now understand how to you can use VelocityEngage to get a much higher rate of connection with your internet leads!