The 6th pain point we cover in the Playbook is the well-known fact that consumers have very little trust in car dealers and car salespeople.
VelocityEngage was designed to help sales professionals create an atmosphere of transparency and trust during the sales presentation process. Digital portfolios that contain window stickers, reconditioning records, inspection checklists, service history information – and other relevant videos, documents, and reports – let people know that they are dealing with a transparent and upfront dealership.
So, how can salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage to solve the problem of car buyers not trusting automotive sales professionals?
When following up on leads, be sure to mention the digital portfolio in your voice and text messages, and every email you send. Add banners to the top of your inventory pages to communicate your message of transparency.
When you are doing a sales presentation, take the time to educate the person about the information in each module. Openly discuss transparency and your desire to make the sales process quick and easy.
That’s it folks! I hope you now understand how VelocityEngage can help you create an atmosphere of trust and transparency with car shoppers.