The 1st pain point we cover in the Playbook is how to deal with vehicle pricing objections. It can be difficult for salespeople and BDC agents to deal with pricing objections mainly because they’re not armed with enough information to make them feel confident when responding to objections.
With VelocityEngage, the primary focus in each digital portfolio is the quality and safety of the vehicle. Information such as reconditioning records, multipoint inspections, service history reports, and window stickers are visually aligned to capture the attention of shoppers so that they focus on what really matters.
So, how can salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage to solve the problem of dealing with vehicle pricing objections?
Beginning in the vehicle summary section of the digital portfolio – answer any questions your customer has about the vehicle’s mileage and basic specs. Then move to the four featured modules in this area – let’s say the inspection report, recon records, window sticker, and the CARFAX.

Next, open the inspection report and explain why it’s important. Make sure your customer knows that that your dealership’s inspections are performed by factory-certified technicians.

From there, you would go over the reconditioning records – explaining each repair that was done, while pointing out the dealership’s investment in making the car safe for the next owner.

After opening the window sticker, discuss the vehicle’s safety ratings, factory equipment, and MSRP.

With VelocityEngage, you’ll feel more confident because you’ll have all the information in front of you to answer your customer’s questions. By taking a value-based approach in your sales presentations – you’ll be able to justify pricing by demonstrating that your vehicle is a top-quality, safe vehicle that is going to have a lower cost-of-ownership for your customer.
That’s it folks! I hope you now understand how you can use VelocityEngage to build value in your sales presentation and to justify vehicle pricing.