Speed and efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to buying, reconditioning, and selling used cars. The faster you move a car from acquisition to market, the more profit you stand to earn.

Conversely, every day a vehicle remains in your recon system, your business loses money: $40 on average per vehicle. Multiply that lost profit over hundreds of vehicles delayed in your recon system for 3-5 additional days. That’s hundreds of thousands of lost gross income for your business.

So, how do you improve RR (Retail-Ready) consistency and reduce your ADR (Average Days in Recon) to increase gross and reduce holding costs?

This has been the primary challenge that used car dealerships struggle with. General Managers across the nation have worked to revise their workflow systems in order to answer these challenges and improve tracking. However, up until now, their efforts haven’t produced the desired results.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and other organizational tools — though they were a step in the right direction — created problems of their own. Cluttered spreadsheets often delayed workflows. Cars were unintentionally neglected or forgotten. Transitioning a car from one phase of recon to the next often took days when it should have only taken minutes.

It’s difficult tracking hundreds of vehicles cycling through your recon system when you don’t possess the necessary tools for the job. It’s also nearly impossible for one GM to be everywhere at the same time, which can delay workflow further.

It became clear to us that with the old system of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the typical workflow from acquisition to retail-ready wasn’t fully manageable for a single GM.

Our industry needed to adapt to 21st-century technology.

The Power Of Our Reconditioning Software

ReconVelocity is cloud-based organizational workflow software that tracks cars from purchase to frontline. We monitor every phase of your recon system to improve workflow, unclog bottlenecks and maximize efficiency for one core purpose: to increase profits.

Our reconditioning software is designed to improve your RR consistency by providing real-time, actionable data. This will allow you to continually refine your recon system. With immediate knowledge on what is occurring in each department, you will be able to shave off 5-6 recon days, ultimately adding two or more inventory turns to your bottom line.

How does it work?

ReconVelocity connects your team beyond what any spreadsheet could. It is accessible on nearly every mobile, desktop and tablet device, providing your entire team with unprecedented knowledge in real-time. You can manage your workflow from any point in your facility — even from home. More importantly, it allows your GM to be in multiple places simultaneously.

ReconVelocity doesn’t only help expedite RR vehicles by reducing ADR, it also informs problem areas in your workflow. Knowing where your bottlenecks are can help you determine the root cause of delays and implement a solution immediately.

For instance, when the detailing crew finishes polishing a car, they will provide an update on the system, which notifies the entire dealership. The vehicle can then be moved into the photo gallery and finally the sales lot, with the GM approving consistency and quality throughout. If a car is delayed for unforeseen reasons, your management team will be able to easily identify and correct the problem area so inefficiency does not occur in that department in the future.


Thousands of used car dealerships are implementing reconditioning software into their systems to improve overall efficiency. However, every dealership is unique in terms of clientele, scale, and employee structure. Therefore, our cloud-based app can be customized to accommodate your current workflow processes and can be easily edited to answer changing needs when they occur.

As your dealership transitions, a Recon Guide will be at your disposal to ensure your 100% customizable app meets your dealership’s specific requirements.

Furthermore, with a more efficient workforce propelling your assembly line, customer satisfaction on your used car lot will be greater than ever before. There will no longer be uncertainty as to when a newly purchased vehicle will reach your frontline, allowing your team to sell as you recondition.