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ReconVelocity Success Story - Paragon Honda

Paragon Honda Acura

ReconVelocity Success Story

Brian Benstock, General Manager & Vice President of Paragon Honda & Paragon Acura, discusses the correlation between used car sales profitability and the amount of time between recon inventory acquisition and getting vehicles Retail-Ready and on the frontline for sale.

He explains that one of the primary reasons he selected ReconVelocity to solve his auto reconditioning challenges is because of Hugh Hathcock and his previous accomplishments at ELEAD1ONE. Brian talks about Hugh’s lifelong commitment to dealer success through an unparalleled level of service and support, which is something that no other recon software management company provides.

Brian emphasizes that one critical goal in using ReconVelocity to manage the end-to-end recon process in his dealerships is to reduce the overall time it takes to get a used car to the frontline by 25%, which will ultimately lead to millions of dollars of additional bottom line profits. He says that ReconVelocity’s advanced auto reconditioning management solution enables him and his team to hold dealership employees, such as service department personnel, detailers, porters, technicians, and vendors involved in the recon process to levels of accountability that have never been achieved. He talks about making incremental improvements across his automotive reconditioning steps, which he believes will let him achieve his vision of moving recon inventory from acquisition to Retail-Ready in ONE DAY! That’s the target!

We chose ReconVelocity for one reason – Hugh Hathcock – and his affiliation with us formerly with ELEAD1ONE. It’s incredible, the amount of service he was able to provide for us… I want to count on that for the used car portion of our business.

Brian Benstock

GM/Partner, Paragon Honda
ReconVelocity Success Story - Hendrick Automotive Group

Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs

ReconVelocity Success Story

Doug Beard, Service Advisor at Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs, says that the dealership started out using RapidRecon, but they recently switched to ReconVelocity. So far, they have found that ReconVelocity is much more user-friendly and simplier to use.

Gerry Ventry, Recon Manager at Toyota Sandy Springs, says that ReconVelocity gives them the ability to make sure things are done properly and quickly – and he should know, as he used a competing recon solution, RapidRecon, for two years at other dealerships.

By comparison, Gerry says that, “ReconVelocity is much more user-friendly, and that it narrows down all of your information in one click – so we can see everything we need to see in order to improve our entire process. Simply stated, ReconVelocity is simply better!”

ReconVelocity helps us become a better overall team, improves efficiency, and helps us hold each other accountable.

Gerry Ventry

Recon Manager, Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs

We’re measuring the efficiency of our recon process, and in two days I’m more familiar with ReconVelocity than I was after two weeks using RapidRecon. This is a much more user-friendly tool.

Doug Beard

Service Advisor, Rick Hendrick Toyota Sandy Springs
ReconVelocity Success Story - Sonic Automotive

Sonic Automotive

ReconVelocity Success Story

Note: Since this interview, Sonic Automotive has rolled out ReconVelocity to all Sonic locations, nationwide

After more than 20 years working with Hugh Hathcock, Jeff describes how Hugh, through his successful ELEAD1ONE company, and now with his new venture, ReconVelocity, has been “a fantastic business partner.”

Cutting down on the amount of time it takes to recondition a pre-owned vehicle is every dealer’s goal. Jeff explains that they rolled out ReconVelocity in a test environment at seven different locations across the country – and that the test has gone fantastic. So far, they have cut at least 2-3 days off their overall recon process, which has led to an increase in profitability and an improved inventory turn.

Jeff further explains that they would be the first national brand to roll out ReconVelocity across all its dealerships – and that he is very excited about it.

We have rolled out ReconVelocity in a test environment in seven locations… the test has gone fantastic… It’s dropped [our] recon time 2-3 days at a minimum, which we all know drops more money to the bottom line, helps us sell more cars, and increases the overall velocity of our inventory (turn).

Jeff Dyke

President, Sonic Automotive
ReconVelocity Success Story - Vernon Auto Group

Vernon Auto Group

ReconVelocity Success Story

Chris Slaydon, President of Vernon Auto Group, says that ReconVelocity is one of the industry’s “hidden gems” – a powerful tool for the used car dealer who knows that the time it takes to recondition a pre-owned car needs to be as short as possible, but without sacrificing a thorough job well done.

ReconVelocity, according to Chris, provides transparent accountability, through its real-time, streaming platform. Every employee involved in the automotive reconditioning process can see his or her current level of efficiency so that the entire team can then be fine-tuned to move cars through reconditioning not just faster, but more effectively. He has seen dealerships go from 7 to 14 days in recon, to 48 to 72 hours – an amazing transformation that gets more cars on the fast track to a profitable sale.

We used this software mostly as a transparency and accountability tool… I’ve seen this software take dealerships from 7-10 days up to sometimes 14 days… down to 48-72 hours (recon time).

Chris Slaydon

President, Vernon Auto Group
ReconVelocity Success Story - Beaver Toyota

Beaver Toyota

ReconVelocity Success Story

As General Manager of Beaver Toyota, Patrick Abad oversees the entire dealership operation. “Reconditioning helps you set your car apart from the others. We want our inventory to stand tall. We want to have a reputation in town that we have really great used cars and reconditioning plays a huge part in that.”

Patrick explains that “there can be up to 20 people involved in the reconditioning process,” and ReconVelocity makes it possible to put everyone involved in the process into the system. Everyone can see their role in the process and be held accountable, as the software tracks everything.

Going from cumbersome hand-written logs to using ReconVelocity has made a huge difference at Beaver Toyota. ReconVelocity is the one tool that can be used by every team member to improve the overall reconditioning process. As Patrick says, “The key to it is that it’s simple software and it truly helps everybody’s job.” It creates accountability and efficiency that frees his people up to do their jobs faster and better – and to focus on what’s important.

“If you want to create efficiency and create a good experience for your employees, this software will do that for you!”

Reconditioning helps you set your car apart from the others. Depending upon the size of the store, there could be 20 people involved in the reconditioning process. Before we went to the software, [ReconVelocity], we were doing a lot of handwritten logs and it was a cumbersome process. This software is one tool being used one way by every single team member.

Patrick Abad

General Manager, Beaver Toyota
ReconVelocity Success Story - Gateway Buick GMC

Gateway Buick GMC

ReconVelocity Success Story

Julian Gutiérrez, Recon Manager, Gateway Buick GMC says that, at first, he wasn’t sure if his dealership needed a recon tool or software – but in just 45 days after the installation, he’s totally bought in – because knowing where every car is within the recon process is essential – and ReconVelocity makes relaying information, ensuring staff accountability, getting estimates, and creating a seamless process something Julian and his team can count on.

What impresses Julian most is that with ReconVelocity in place, there’s no second guessing. “Nobody has to wonder how far along any car is in the recon process – all he has to do is login and immediately, anytime, anywhere, he can find out exactly what he needs to know.”

ReconVelocity makes relaying information and getting estimates and vehicle statuses – seamless. There’s no second guessing – what step is it in now? We don’t have that problem now.

Julian Gutierrez

Recon Manager, Gateway Buick GMC
ReconVelocity Success Story - Kearny Mesa Subaru

Kearny Mesa Subaru

ReconVelocity Success Story

Tim Pitts, Service Advisor at Kearny Mesa Subaru Hyundai, explains that he’s been in the used car reconditioning business for more than 25 years. He admits that when he was first introduced to ReconVelocity, he was a bit skeptical because he felt he had a solid game plan already in place.

After using ReconVelocity just for a few days, he saw that the tool broke the recon process down a bit more, which enabled individuals to be responsible for their specific function or step.

ReconVelocity Success Story - RightDrive

RightDrive Auto Group

ReconVelocity Success Story

Jay Welch, Chief Executive Officer of RightDrive Auto Group, says that he decided to partner with ReconVelocity after shopping 4 or 5 different recon solution provider websites that promised the ability to expedite and organize the recon process. After “thorough verification”, he chose ReconVelocity.

Jay tells us “The experience has been incredible, and we’re already seeing the benefits of the program right out of the gate!” With everything organized and running smoothly, his phone isn’t ringing with recon delays or challenges, and he knows ReconVelocity is why!

ReconVelocity Success Story - Tallahassee Ford Lincoln

Tallahassee Ford Lincoln

ReconVelocity Success Story

As General Manager of Tallahassee Ford Lincoln, Bob Hudson, tells us that his dealership has used other recon software before, but they’re more excited about ReconVelocity’s features – and that he feels his dealership will easily trim at least an entire day off their automotive reconditioning process.

From push notifications that alert management about each stage in the process to recall notifications on competitive makes, from tools that pair customers’ online searches with cars in the recon process to a locate feature that tracks vehicles on the dealer’s lot – which is handy on Tallahassee Ford Lincoln’s 5.5 acre lot – Bob is very excited about what ReconVelocity can do now and will do in the future.

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