Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about VelocityEngage and ReconVelocity

VelocityEngage: Frequently Asked Questions

What is VelocityEngage and what does it do?

VelocityEngage is a digital sales presentation solution designed for automotive salespeople and BDC agents. It automatically generates “digital portfolios” for each vehicle in stock. Digital portfolios contain all the information shoppers want and need about the vehicle and the dealership – in the form of videos and documents – along with financial and digital retailing tools. VelocityEngage digital portfolios can be accessed via an icon on the dealership website’s SRPs and VDPs, and can be sent via the CRM, email, text, or shared across social channels.

What is a VelocityEngage digital portfolio module?

VelocityEngage digital portfolio modules are simply videos, documents, or images placed within the four primary sections of the digital portfolio – the vehicle summary area, and the vehicle reputation, dealership reputation, and financial tools sections.

Why should salespeople send VelocityEngage digital portfolios to car shoppers?

Each VelocityEngage portfolio is automatically personalized to the salesperson that sends it. It displays the salesperson’s picture and personal contact information. It also includes the dealership name, address, and sales and service hours. Shoppers can also schedule a Zoom meeting with the salesperson designated in the portfolio.

How does VelocityEngage save online shoppers time and frustration in the car shopping process?

Digital portfolios contain all the information that shoppers are searching for in the car-buying process. Instead of having to perform hundreds of online searches and visit 5-10 different websites looking for information, shoppers can simply open a digital portfolio and access all relevant information on one page.

How will VelocityEngage help my dealership?

By using VelocityEngage digital portfolios, your dealership will establish itself as a transparent and trustworthy dealer who respects people’s time by providing the information they need upfront. Additionally, digital portfolios enable all salespeople and BDC agents to provide consistent, branded digital sales presentations every time.

How does VelocityEngage increase turn and generate more profit for the dealership?

Each day that a used vehicle sits on the lot, the dealership loses money – in the form of an average carrying cost of $37 per day and depreciation. Because VelocityEngage converts more online shoppers into contactable sales opportunities with higher-than-average closing ratios – it speeds inventory turn. Reduced carrying costs and less depreciation means more gross profit flows to the dealership’s bottom line.

What is the purpose of the Vehicle Reputation section of VelocityEngage digital portfolios?

The content in the Vehicle Reputation section empowers salespeople and BDC agents to have valuable conversations with shoppers in the dealership or remotely. The window sticker, recon records, ebrochure, inspection report, video walkaround – this content gives you much more to talk about than just the cost of the car. It allows you to justify the price by building value so you can keep your gross instead of chipping away at it over the phone.

What is the purpose of the Dealership Reputation section of VelocityEngage digital portfolios?

The Dealership Reputation section tells shoppers why they should do business with your dealership. It contains videos and documents about your community work, online reviews, and the special programs you offer. Remember, deciding which car to buy is only one aspect of car shopping; shoppers also need to figure out where they want to buy their next car. Digital portfolios get your dealership’s unique value proposition in front of car buyers without them having to leave your VDP to check out your reviews, learn about your service department, find out if they can buy from you online and if you offer home delivery services, or to check out your lifetime warranty program.

What is the purpose of the Financial Tools section of VelocityEngage digital portfolios?

The Financial Tools section of the digital portfolio moves shoppers from being merely interested or just considering the car and your dealership – to intent and evaluation. It takes them through the logical path toward a purchase with a much higher probability that they will contact you either through one of the call-to-actions buttons or by coming to the showroom. In this financial area, shoppers can calculate their payment, apply for credit, learn about extended warranty options, experiment with your digital retailing tool, or watch a video about financing options for people with credit challenges.

How does VelocityEngage help reduce price negotiations?

By default, VelocityEngage digital portfolios contain the OEM window sticker, reconditioning records, inspection report, and ebrochure for each used vehicle in stock. When a salesperson has this information at hand during a sales presentation, they feel empowered to build value in the vehicle and justify pricing. By openly presenting the dealership’s recon investment in the vehicle, salespeople can have value-based conversations about cost-of-ownership, vehicle reliability and safety, and the importance of a quality vehicle inspection.

What is heat mapping software and what does it do?

Heat mapping software is a technology that displays a visualization of how online shoppers engage with a module in a VelocityEngage digital portfolio. For example, if a shopper opens the inspection report and views it for two minutes – the heat map will visualize this engagement. By reviewing engagement activity in our heat mapping software, salespeople can formulate the appropriate word tracks and make better decisions during their sales presentations.

How does VelocityEngage improve vehicle merchandising?

Dealership website VDPs have many limitations, such as being very expensive and difficult to customize. Organizing and housing multiple videos and documents in logical sections on a VDP is cost-prohibitive and constrained by dealership website templates designed to minimize design and hosting costs for the website provider. VelocityEngage digital portfolios are designed to achieve an unsurpassed vehicle merchandising strategy – rich with colorful images, custom videos, downloadable documents – items that are typically spread across several websites, multiple pages on the dealership’s website, or in hard copy in the service department or used car manager’s files.

How do you get leads from VelocityEngage digital portfolios?

There are call-to-action buttons throughout every digital portfolio – such as Schedule Test Drive, Request Info, Ask A Question, Check Availability, email, or text. When shoppers fill out one of these forms, their information goes to your CRM like any other lead. The vehicle summary area includes icons that allow shoppers to share a portfolio on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – or send it to a friend or family member. Shoppers can also schedule a Zoom meeting with you by simply clicking the Zoom icon.

What are VelocityEngage price alerts?

When the price changes on a vehicle in the dealership’s inventory, a new digital portfolio will automatically be sent to each shopper that has received the digital portfolio previously. Each shopper will get a Price Change Alert notification via email or text with a link to the full digital portfolio. VelocityEngage keeps your shoppers engaged for you – automatically – without you having to do a thing.

How does a salesperson or BDC agent know that a shopper has opened a VelocityEngage digital portfolio?

When a shopper opens a VelocityEngage digital portfolio, an immediate open notification is sent to the dealership. Salespeople or BDC agents can respond immediately to the shopper’s engagement with the goal of diving into a full digital sales presentation.

How does VelocityEngage increase showroom traffic to the dealership?

By delivering all the information shoppers are looking for on your VDPs, shoppers do not have to leave your website to search for customer reviews, ebrochures, window stickers, and more. Additionally, by being completely transparent upfront, shoppers gain instant trust with the dealership and feel more comfortable about providing contact information. By providing a wealth of relevant and valuable information, shoppers move through the purchase funnel more quickly and have a higher chance of presenting in the showroom.

Why is VDP engagement important?

When shoppers engage with VDPs, they move from awareness to consideration, which makes them much more likely to convert to a sales opportunity. A VDP that yields 30 views within a 30-day period with an average of 10 engagements per view has a 70% chance of selling within this timeframe.

Can I access VelocityEngage on my cell phone or tablet?

Absolutely. The VelocityEngage mobile experience enables salespeople and BDC agents to quickly and easily share highly engaging digital portfolios via the CRM, email, text, and social channels.

What portfolio modules do dealers usually feature above the fold?

We recommend the highest performing modules be placed in the four featured spots above the fold. Typically, with used vehicles, these modules will be the CARFAX or AutoCheck, inspection report, reconditioning records, and window sticker. Each dealership has the option to experiment with placing different modules in the featured boxes above the fold, but we advise the dealer to carefully monitor any change in engagement with the modules above the fold during the experimentation period.

What is the Showroom Mode function in VelocityEngage?

Showroom Mode is a presentation mode that salespeople can use with customers at their desk in the showroom, in a live or recorded Zoom meeting, or face-to-face at off-site locations. Presenting in Showroom Mode gives you the option to conceal vehicle pricing as well as the number of days-in-inventory. If the dealership is also a ReconVelocity user, internal recon notes and information will also be concealed in Showroom Mode.

Can you preview a digital portfolio in the dealer portal before sending it to a shopper?

Yes. By clicking “Preview”, VelocityEngage users can view a portfolio before sending it to a shopper. This allows the user to make sure all the information the customer is asking for is available in the portfolio, such as videos, documents, or custom attachments.

Can a user remove videos or documents before sending a digital portfolio to a shopper?

Yes. Users can remove any module in a digital portfolio before sending it to a shopper. To illustrate, if you do not want to include the CARFAX report or window sticker in the portfolio, you would simply uncheck the boxes for these modules to exclude them.

Can a user conceal the price of the vehicle before sending or presenting a digital portfolio?

Yes. Users can choose to either display or conceal vehicle pricing before presenting a digital portfolio in Showroom Mode. Optionally, you can choose to conceal the pricing before sending or sharing a digital portfolio.

Can a user conceal the number of days a vehicle has been in inventory before sending or presenting a digital portfolio?

Yes. By turning on Showroom Mode, the vehicle’s days-in-inventory will be concealed during a presenting. There is also the option to turn off the days-in-inventory when sending or sharing a portfolio.

Can a user include a custom message for a shopper before sending or presenting a digital portfolio?

Yes. There is a message box available when sending a VelocityEngage digital portfolio that allows the salesperson or BDC agent to type in a custom message to the shopper.

Does VelocityEngage generate QR codes for digital portfolios?

Yes. A QR code for each digital portfolio can be generated with the click of a mouse, then emailed, shared, or texted for quick scanning.

Can users and shoppers print VelocityEngage digital portfolios?

Yes. Users and shoppers have the option to print a summary of the content in a digital portfolio or all the documents in their entirety.

Do I need to purchase ReconVelocity for VelocityEngage to work?

No. However, we do recommend integrating ReconVelocity with VelocityEngage to maximize the dealership’s inventory turn and gross profits. These two powerful solutions work in tangent together, adding selling days to newly acquired units, reducing operational expenses, driving lead volume and showroom visits, and increasing sales.

What training and support does VelocityEngage offer customers?

VelocityEngage is implemented with the same world class support model that Hugh Hathcock built at ELEAD1ONE over 30 years. We offer optional on-site training, live Zoom training, weekly live sessions by automotive digital experts, phone and email support, and an online university available 24/7/365.

How long does the training process usually take?

VelocityEngage was designed to be very easy to use, so training typically takes less than an hour. Because the reporting is robust and flexible, using advanced reporting features may take some practice. VelocityEngage University contains an assortment of training videos for new salespeople, BDC agents, and managers. We continue to add content that goes beyond just “using” VelocityEngage – to include maximizing benefits for salespeople and much more.

How long does the VelocityEngage implementation process last?

From the time that a dealership signs up for VelocityEngage, it takes approximately two weeks to implement – depending on the responsiveness of the dealer in getting us the information we need for set-up, such as a list of users, access to inventory and photos feeds, and credentials to key tools like CARFAX, AutoCheck, and the DMS to pull reconditioning records.

ReconVelocity: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ReconVelocity the leading recon software solution in the industry?

ReconVelocity was built by automotive IT experts that have designed technology solutions that dealers need for more than 35 years. Below are stand-out features that make ReconVelocity a first choice:

  • On-site training and installation (Other solution providers make this claim on their website and in literature when, in fact, training and installation is conducted online not on-site.)
  • Full support by recon experts, including a dedicated Performance Manager (Competing solutions promise a full support model but that is not what they deliver once a dealer signs up.)
  • Real-time app notifications (not just texts and emails)
  • True integration with CRM, DMS and inventory management solutions (competing solutions do not have true CRM or DMS integrations though they claim to)
  • Fast implementation in days, not weeks
  • Dealer access to step and sub-step configurations (other tools make you call support to make step changes or to skip a step)
  • Regular feature updates based on dealer feedback (other solutions have not been upgraded in over 10 years)
  • Smart routing or auto step workflow (Once a step is completed, the vehicle automatically routes to the next step in the workflow and notifications/alerts go out to the accountable individuals.)
  • Customizable MPI tool
  • An option for making specific steps required
  • In-app messaging
  • Full vendor management capabilities
  • Upload up to 18 photos for improved vendor communications
  • Append backstage photos and documents to work orders
  • We keep historical data indefinitely, rather than just for two years as competing solutions do, so that the dealer can access for reference and analysis.
  • Integrated digital retailing component (VelocityEngage) drives VDP engagement from online car shoppers on units while in recon to jumpstart the sales process
  • Automatically display reconditioning investment on VelocityEngage digital portfolios so salespeople can justify pricing through value-based conversations – reducing price negotiations and helping to retain your gross profit

How do I determine whether I need a recon solution?

Evaluate your current process. Are you using a whiteboard or shared Excel files? Do you rely on handwritten or text communications for recon progress updates and vehicle recon statuses?

These methods are prone to human error and do not give you true transparency into the time it takes to move a vehicle through each step of your process nor do they allow you to hold individuals accountable for delays. Because these tools need human, manual updates and rely on the accuracy of those updates, it is impossible to identify bottlenecks that are costing you possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary or uncontrolled expenses and vehicle value erosion.

How can ReconVelocity help my dealership?

ReconVelocity allows you to automate the recon workflows in your dealership, including vendor work processes critical to your recon operation. It enables team members to communicate in real-time about every single aspect of the recon process and gives you the transparency you need to identify costly delays and setbacks so that you can take swift corrective action.

ReconVelocity was specifically designed to make the reconditioning process at dealerships more efficient – giving you the tools you need to control costs, speed recon time, and to start selling units actively in the recon process so that you can capture profits that have traditionally seeped out through process gaps and delays.

How will a ReconVelocity effect my turn and gross profit?

ReconVelocity brings transparency and accountability to your end-to-end recon operation giving you the information and tools you need to control recon costs, increase used car selling days and speed recon time. By doing so, you will naturally see your inventory turn and gross profits increase.

Can I manage recon vendors using ReconVelocity?

Yes, you can. ReconVelocity lets you set-up all vendors that play a role in your recon operation so that you can have full transparency into their performance. Being able to measure and track vendors and their impact on your average Time-In-Recon is critical to shortening the overall Retail-Ready Time and increasing inventory turn. Additionally, the system gives you critical insight into which vendors might be causing recon cost overages for financial analysis and cost control.

How does a dealer’s inventory get into ReconVelocity?

ReconVelocity automatically collects feeds from all major inventory management and DMS providers. Once a vehicle is input into the DMS or inventory management tool, it systemically populates ReconVelocity from the next scheduled feed.

How do vehicles “move” from one step to another?

At each step, once an accountable team manager identifies that a step has been completed, he or she can manually complete the active step. Once this is done, the system automatically moves the vehicle to the next step and systematically alerts the next team manager in the process. The data generated by these activities allows management to better understand areas for improvement, incentivize employees to meet verifiable targets and provide the sales team with real-time status reports.

Can I change the workflow and configure ReconVelocity to fit my dealership’s unique process?

ReconVelocity is the most flexible recon software solution available. Each set-up is fully customized to accommodate your dealerships recon workflows. Our Recon Experts will provide you with best practices and make recommendations to fully optimize your recon operation to get your pre-owned vehicles Retail-Ready Faster. Once your dealership is up and running, our Performance Team and your designated Performance Manager will monitor your progress and worth closely with your team to make refinements until your recon workflow is highly efficiently and achieves maximum velocity.

What kind of reporting is built into ReconVelocity?

ReconVelocity features a real-time dashboard that provides instant views of your performance across your entire reconditioning operation, including the number of units in recon, overall average Retail-Ready Time, average recon time, and average approval time. Reporting also measures your performance in each step so that you can identify problem areas and bottlenecks at the step level. You can also drill down to vehicles within each step to assess idle time, as well as reconditioning costs within each step and overages.

Is there an option for a recon step for wholesale vehicles?

Yes. By building a step specifically for wholesale units, once a vehicle moves into this step – an app notification can be sent to your auction manager, transporter, or porter.

How long does it take to install ReconVelocity?

While installs can vary, they are generally completed in days not weeks. Our goal is to create the least amount of disruption by leveraging our recon experts and best practices to expedite your dealership being operational and your team being ready to make the most of the technology and system.

We believe in a proactive, high-touch support approach that involves dedicated recon experts to ensure you not only have an excellent start, but that your team continues to receive training and support assuring strong ongoing utilization so you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

What kind of training and support do you provide?

Without a doubt, our support model sets ReconVelocity apart from any other recon solution provider out there. Initial training takes place on-site and follow-up training and support is both on-site and online. Our high-touch model ensures your reconditioning team is trained and continually supported so you get the most value out of your investment.

We did find it interesting that our top competitor issued a press announcement to the dealer community that their on-site training would be postponed due to the pandemic. We were deeply bothered by the fact that this competitor has never provided its dealer clients with on-site training and was only taking advantage of the grave economic situation to make it appear that the pandemic had caused them to stop providing on-site training and installation.

Can you manage your recon in ReconVelocity from mobile devices?

ReconVelocity supports all mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows. Users can visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app, then will be able to receive real-time app notifications, along with text or email notifications to facilitate quick decisions and actions that will keep your recon inventory on pace to be Retail-Ready Faster than ever.

What is my expected return on investment?

The average dealership can expect an ROI of between 25x-50x after 90-days of implementing the ReconVelocity system and our industry recommended best practices.

What happens to a vehicle in ReconVelocity once it is sold?

Once a vehicle is marked sold in your inventory management system, it will automatically drop out of the inventory feed and, therefore, ReconVelocity (other than historical reporting and archiving). The dealer can retrieve a vehicle from archive and bring it back into ReconVelocity.

Do vehicles have to go through every step in the recon workflow set up at my dealership?

Not every vehicle will need to go through each step that you have configured in your recon workflow. For example, you may have a step for Glass Repair; not every vehicle will need this service, so ReconVelocity would allow you to skip this step. When this happens, the system automatically accounts the time for each step the vehicle was in and eliminates the skipped step.

It’s important to point out that with competing solutions, in order to skip a step the dealer will need to call support to do this; with ReconVelocity, the assigned step manager has the access needed to skip the step without needing support.

Does ReconVelocity integrate with my repair order system so that RO information is viewable within the vehicle information?

ReconVelocity is the only recon software on the market with true DMS integration. It does have the ability to bring over RO’s from the dealer DMS for integration into vehicle records within the system.