Jim Fitzpatrick with Casey Coffey, CEO of Greenway Automotive & Hugh Hathcock Discuss The Benefits Of VelocityEngage Marketing Solution

The used car industry is a huge part of the Greenway platform. Coffey says ReconVelocity gives them the ability to move cars rapidly and have complete transparency for all the managers. One of the challenges, Coffey has had was running a large organization in a lot of different dealerships across the country. They wanted to be able to have visibility of what was going with their inventory at each store. How quickly you get inventory through the system is paramount to being able to be on top of the market and delivering the type of vehicle your customer wants on a timely basis.

Hathcock says ReconVelocity is a software where a lot of dealers are a little slower to act on it because it takes a lot of work. Hathcock says they were able to put 10 to 15 pilot stores in place with both products and let the GMs and salespeople experience what the product could do for them.

Having sticker prices is majorly important says Coffey. It’s important to understand all the different offerings each car may bring. He says if you don’t have the window sticker, and the ability to look at it, you may end up missing something. It could end up costing you a car deal.

Hathcock says nobody has done in this category, where the CRMs are pushing the platform and integrating it. He says it’s a huge deal. The integration has probably been one of their biggest advantages for dealers to see because it makes everything so easy. Coffey says, what they’re trying to do is make the whole deal simple. To the consumer, it’s all about time and being able to gather information in one spot. Not only does it educate the customer, but it educates the salespeople as well. It’s been a great tool for us says, Coffey.

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