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10 PAIN POINTS toyota INTERNET SALES & bdc managers face each day

Learn How To Turn Each Pain Into Gain To Triple Your Toyota Internet Sales

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This is a real-world, in-the-trenches Playbook for automotive professionals that manage leads, take phone-ups, and sell cars. You will learn how to deal with 10 PAINFUL PROBLEMS that get in the way of your success every day.  Master 1 pain area each week and in 10 weeks, you could triple your internet sales!

This Playbook was authored by a 15-year experienced eCommerce & BDC Director who achieved record sales performance and retention across multiple franchises – that’s me! Keep scrolling to learn about some of the topics covered in my Playbook.

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Online Car Shopper VDP Engagements In Digital Retailing

Not Enough 1st Party Leads & Phone Calls

Less Than 25% Of Your Website Visitors Fill Out A Form & They Only Stick Around For An Average Of 1.5 Minutes.

What’s worse is that half of your website visitors leave without any interaction at all. The ones that do stay, view an average of 2.75 pages per visit. It’s a grim scenario if you think about the money your dealership spends to drive traffic to your site.

In this Playbook, I will show you that by getting people to stay longer on your website and to engage with your VDPs, your lead count will go up dramatically. You will learn how to get more visitors to chat, text, email, fill out a form, and call the dealership. 

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Shoppers Don’t Stay On VDPs

Only 30% Of Dealership Website Visitors Make It To A VDP & Then Bail In Less Than 3 Minutes!

Your dealership invests a lot of money each month to drive traffic to your VDPs. I’d bet that your Used Car Manager regularly monitors VDP traffic in your IMS. Why? Because the more times a VDP is viewed, the higher the chance the car will sell.

However… VDP engagement is a much more important measuring stick than VDP views. In this Playbook, I will teach you how to keep CAR BUYERS on your VDPs up to 8x longer than normal!  VDP engagement is the #1 indicator of a car deal.

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It’s Hard To Connect With Internet Leads

Customers Will Not Pick Up The Phone! They Open Emails, But Don’t Respond. They Won’t Opt-In To Texting.

Trying to get ahold of hundreds of internet leads – constantly leaving voice messages, sending emails, texts, and ebrochures, – even using video tools… is a relentless cycle.

In this Playbook, I will show you performance reporting for an email template sent from a dealership’s CRM. You’ll see a 70% open rate and a response rate that is 6.7x higher than any other template they use. I’ll also show you the resulting shown appointments and car deals. You can get the same performance – month after month! 

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Fact-Finding & Online Shoppers

VDP Engagement Is The Online Shopper’s Digital Body Language

Just like you pay attention to body language when customers walk into the showroom, VDP engagement gives insight into car shopper intentions. Click patterns, time-engaged, video views, photo clicks, and document opens are behavioral signals that indicate where shoppers are in the purchase funnel.

My Playbook will teach you how to visualize individual shopper VDP engagements. You’ll learn how to use this information to prepare questions and have valuable conversations with prospects. 

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Dealing With Price Objections

Consumers Say That Quality Is The Most Important Factor When Choosing A Vehicle & Dealership.

Yet… most SRPs and VDPs make price the primary focus. Shoppers can see the best price, internet price, WOW price, today’s price, lowest price, sale price, eprice, or fill out a form to unlock an instant price! 

This playbook teaches you how to build value in the vehicle you are presenting, your dealership, and yourself – so that you can justify pricing! You’ll be able to deliver an effective sales presentation that protects your gross every time!

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Very Few Deals From Service

Cash Flies Out The Door When It Comes To Converting ROs Into Sales & Trades! 

It’s a lot easier and less expensive to sell a car to an existing service customer than to conquest a new one, yet few dealerships have a high-performing service upgrade program in place.

My Playbook shows you how to be the top salesperson every month without taking any ups! Your service department is a treasure trove of sales and trades. Learn how to deliver KILLER service upgrade presentations without being pushy.

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Car Buyers Don’t Trust Us

Salespeople Can Be Honest & Transparent With Car Buyers And Still Hold Gross.

It seems that automotive sales professionals will forever have to work especially hard to gain trust from car buyers. It’s been this way for decades and it’s not going to change any time soon.

This Playbook teaches salespeople how to provide complete and transparent information to car buyers while simultaneously building value that converts to gross profit in the deal.

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The Car Sales Pain-To-Gain Playbook

The Key To Selling Is To Uncover & Solve Problems!

After the meet & greet, the first step in the sales process is to Identify your customer’s pain and then get busy solving problems. You can apply this same principle to your success in automotive sales. If you want to uncap your potential, you’ve got to identify the pain points that hinder your performance and then start working the problems.

My Playbook is chock-full of lessons learned over 15 years in the car business. By turning  pain into gain, you can rise to new levels of performance and sales success.

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