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Create a more transparent and credible buying experience with your customers. 

Unleash the Power of Velocity Window Stickers

Velocity Window Stickers empowers you to maximize your buying strategy at auction and provides the real-value each vehicle offers so you don’t get out bid.  Inventory is a challenge, Velocity Automotive enables you to buy right so you can increase your inventory, build value and secure higher gross profits.

VelocityEngage’s digital portfolio increases customer engagement with trusted vehicle information that creates car buying confidence, transparency and dealership credibility.


  • Vehicle sales
  • CRM communications
  • Website lead conversion
  • Buyer engagement
  • Brings customers closer to the buying experience that enables purchase
  • Creating trust and confidence


ReconVelocity accelerates your speed to market with improved processes, accountability and collaboration.

  • Customized digital workflow processes
  • Corporate and management reporting
  • Real-time cross departmental communication
  • Instant work approvals
  • Vendor management module
  • Seamless DMS and IMS integration
  • Automated smart routing and more!


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