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Create a more transparent and credible buying experience with your customers. 

VelocityEngage’s digital portfolio increases customer engagement with trusted vehicle information that creates car buying confidence, transparency and dealership credibility.


  • Vehicle sales
  • CRM communications
  • Website lead conversion
  • Buyer engagement
  • Brings customers closer to the buying experience that enables purchase
  • Creating trust and confidence


Window Stickers increase

  • Buyer confidence
  • Transparency
  • Sales leads
  • Appraisals
  • Merchandising and online descriptions


ReconVelocity accelerates your speed to market with improved processes, accountability and collaboration.

  • Customized digital workflow processes
  • Corporate and management reporting
  • Real-time cross departmental communication
  • Instant work approvals
  • Vendor management module
  • Seamless DMS and IMS integration
  • Automated smart routing and more!


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