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Salesperson & dealer branded Digital vehicle presentations

Auto-Displays The Original Window Sticker, Recon Records, Brochure, Videos, & Much More!

Digital Portfolios Are 100% Automated.
No Need To Upload, Print, Or Scan Files.


Give Shoppers All Info Upfront

VelocityEngage Makes The Digital Vehicle Shopping Experience Fast & Easy

Shoppers get an immediate sense of transparency when they find all the information they need to buy – openly displayed in one place. With true DMS integration, reconditioning records are automatically pulled into digital portfolios to showcase your recon investment and to highlight each vehicle’s quality and safety.

Salespeople can easily build trust and rapport sharing product knowledge on any make and model. By reviewing all relevant information, they can demonstrate that they are truly interested in helping each customer make the best purchase decision. The result is a faster, easier, and consistent sales process


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Online Car Shopper VDP Engagements In Digital Retailing

Emails That Get Opened

VelocityEngage Has The Highest Open Rate, More Appointments Shown, & The Most Sales

With full CRM integration, you can either set up an autoresponder to send a digital portfolio to each lead or send one manually. They can also be sent via text and shared on social media. When a digital portfolio is opened, the salesperson is immediately notified.

CRM reporting proves that VelocityEngage performs better than any other email template. Because each portfolio contains information shoppers want, they yield the highest open rate, significantly more customer replies, more showroom traffic, and more sales.

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The Most Accurate Appraisal Values

Auto-Populated Original Window Stickers Enable Salespeople To Be Product Experts On All Makes & Models

VelocityEngage has the industry’s largest collection of OEM Window Stickers, which are automatically populated in digital portfolios and displayed on website inventory. Our easy-to-use VIN-Inquiry tool also lets Sales Managers pull Window Stickers during on-site or off-site appraisals.

Window Stickers help to empower salespeople and BDC agents to give value-based sales presentations that justify vehicle pricing so that you can hold onto gross profit.

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Online Car Shopper VDP Engagements In Digital Retailing
Online Car Shopper VDP Engagements In Digital Retailing

Promote Your Transparency

Get Shoppers Engaged With Your Inventory Pages & Keep Them On Your Website

VelocityEngage drives more website traffic from your inventory SRPs to vehicle detail pages using a visually appealing widget that displays content icons, motivating shoppers to drill down for more information.

Customizable banners communicate your promise of transparency, while bringing awareness of your digital portfolios and their valuable content. As shoppers view relevant videos, reports, photos, and documents – it bridges the digital retailing gap and makes the transition to the showroom seamless and easy.

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Know What’s On Your Customer’s Mind

Behavioral Heat Mapping Gives Insights To Have Value-Based Conversations & To Overcome Objections

VelocityEngage heat mapping provides visual insight into how car shoppers interact with videos, window stickers, recon records, photos, service history reports, and other digital portfolio content.

Using color and intensity, salespeople could visualize how long a shopper engaged with content, how many times they clicked, if they watched a video, and what photos they viewed. They gain insight into each shopper’s purchase intentions so they can ask the right questions and have more valuable conversations.

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Auto Price Change Alerts

VelocityEngage Sends Thousands Of Digital Portfolios Each Month Automatically!

The average dealer makes between 1,000-1,500 vehicle price adjustments every month. VelocityEngage automatically notifies interested car shoppers when a vehicle price has changed by sending out an updated digital portfolio.

Highly interactive digital portfolios that contain videos, reports, photos, and documents with relevant and valuable information get shoppers re-engaged and drives conversions – and makes long-term lead follow-up easier.

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