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DESTIN, Fla. –
ReconVelocity says one of its two new automation features, called VelocityLocate, brings complete efficiency to the recon process by automating vehicles’ step-by-step progress in recon.

And it does that even when dealership personnel forget to push the button.

ReconVelocity says that for dealers, the two new automation features in its reconditioning software product “catapult the recon process into new realms of efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

The second automation feature is called ReconMatch, and the company says it lets dealers connect targeted buyers with pre-owned vehicles during the reconditioning process “for a jumpstart on sales.”

The company says the new capabilities use the power of automation and connectivity to help boost dealer profits in important areas of their store operations. That includes what ReconVelocity describes as “the often-neglected area of recon.”

ReconVelocity owner Hugh Hathcock says that pre-owned vehicle sales are on the rise, and dealers are focusing on their time-to-market strategies.

Because of that, “Workflow automation unlocks enormous potential for them,” Hathcock said in a news release.

“At ReconVelocity, we are using advanced technology to solve dealers’ big problems and eliminate unnecessary delays, improve communications, capture sales and marketing leads, and streamline the recon process,” Hathcock said.

He continued, “Time is money, and the faster a vehicle gets through recon to the lot is an opportunity to generate profit.”

ReconVelocity says that by automating the touch points in the reconditioning process beginning at the time a vehicle is acquired, its platform fast-tracks the recon process.

The company says its mobile-first technology integrates with inventory tools and dealership management systems. The technology, according to ReconVelocity, will reduce the typical dealerships’ days in recon by at least 50%.

ReconVelocity will show its reconditioning workflow software and the latest features in February at NADA 2020 in Las Vegas.

Providing more detail on the two new automation features, ReconVelocity started with VelocityLocate, and it said that even when people forget to push a button, the feature uses GPS and geofencing to automatically synchronize the location of a vehicle in recon with the next step.

That keeps communications and progress streamlined, the company said. Also, with a single click, users can produce a full inventory audit. VelocityLocate’s ability to help identify bottlenecks and eliminate approval delays can lead to faster time to market.

Regarding ReconMatch, the company said that to identify used car payment-driven buyers, it uses data from various sources, such as the dealerships’ CRM systems and DMS.

When a vehicle enters recon, ReconMatch’s machine learning algorithm identifies and scores qualified prospects. It then pushes those prospects back into the dealers’ CRM to provide a head start on the sales process.

Clear Lake Infiniti executive manager Stephen Swad said dealers have been waiting for features such as VelocityLocate and ReconMatch to “help alleviate some of the burden of manual data entry actions.”

Swad continued, “Hugh and his team have the experience, passion, and understanding about where dealers can maximize their operations quickly and seamlessly. We are excited to unleash the power of the fully automated ReconVelocity platform.”

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