DESTIN, Fla. — ELEAD1ONE founder Hugh Hathcock announced the launch of ReconVelocity, a new company formed to combat margin compression and workflow inefficiencies in the retail automotive industry by helping dealers get vehicles retail-ready faster, improve in-store communications, and deliver more to the bottom line. This time and day, everything is being kept up with by technology, recon is next up!

Plenty of dealers still use a whiteboard or an excel sheet to keep up with their large volume of used car inventory. Modernizing reconditioning means that everything can be viewed right in front of you all on one computer screen, minimizing manual entry, and improving organization and communication. Not only will ReconVelocity help improve the reconditioning process but we will also provide technology-driven data that will help make executive decisions. Bottlenecks and other issues within the recon workflow will be easily spotted out and can be solved more efficiently. Not only does ReconVelocity provide dealers with software, but we also stick with them as partners and help provide solutions that will in turn help them achieve new goals.

Executives said ReconVelocity has more than 500 rooftops already installed or committed to the system. Hathcock said he recognized that the next iteration of today’s dealership requires optimizing all areas of the business to deliver higher operating efficiencies, applying innovation and automation to parts of the dealership operation that traditionally have been neglected.

“The reconditioning process is ripe for modernization — it’s significant profit hidden in plain sight,” Hathcock said. “For many, the ‘recon gap’ is a million-dollar opportunity. Most dealerships don’t have the technology to know their true retail-ready timeframe. With used vehicles becoming more critical to the profit of a dealership, this process needs new focus. ReconVelocity is purpose-built to help dealers turn reconditioning into a profit generator.”

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