Digitizing Recon So Dealers Can Sell More Cars & Cut Costs

Bringing Efficiency & Transparency To The Automotive Recon Process


The ONLY Recon Software In The Business With Digital Evidence Manuals

  • Digital evidence manuals for all in-recon units
  • Vehicle Reputation, Dealer Reputation, & Financial Tools sections
  • Relevant vehicle documentation to increase car buyer connection ratio
  • Drive VDP engagement on day #1 of acquisition
  • Add more selling days to each vehicle
  • Display recon investment to reduce price negotiations
  • Higher gross profits on used car deals
  • Automatically displayed window stickers, inspection reports, & recon records
  • Marries digital retailing & reconditioning
  • Shopper engagement fuels the recon workflow
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The ONLY Recon Software Solution That Bridges The Gap Between Digital Retailing & Showroom Ups

Drive VDP Engagement On In-Recon Units To Increase Turn & Profitability!

ReconVelocity is the most flexible and advanced recon process management software solution in the industry. Configured specifically for your operation, including customized step set-up, full vendor management, automated smart routing, sub-step configuration, and integrated digital portfolios.

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On-Site Training & Support

On-site training by experienced automotive professionals. Performance coaching and support ensures you don’t pay for another tool that your people aren’t using.

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Smart Step & Sub-Step Routing

Sophisticated Smart Step Routing easily moves vehicles through recon steps and sub-steps, making ReconVelocity so simple to use and reporting accurate!

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Real-Time Communications

Improve cross-department communications with real-time app notifications and @mentions. Instantly approve repairs and get notified of step changes.

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Customizable Steps & Sub-Steps

No other recon solution offers such easy customization. Sub-steps can be created on the fly, with step-skipping and individual task assignments and notifications.

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Drive VDP Engagement Before Recon Begins

Start selling on day #1 of each vehicle acquisition with auto-generated VelocityEngage digital portfolios. Maximize selling days, reduce price negotiations, and hold onto gross.

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DMS, CRM & Inventory Tool Integration

Frequent inventory feeds are pulled daily. DMS integration for RO data. Integrates with VelocityEngage digital portfolios are available even while units are in recon.

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Get Retail-Ready Faster Reduce Recon Expenses

Start Selling While In Recon

ReconVelocity is the only recon software solution in the industry with integrated digital retailing functionality that drives VDP engagement on units while in recon. We offer full integration with both inventory tools and dealership management systems.

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 ReconVelocity Benefits

  • Customizable step and sub-step configuration
  • DMS, CRM and inventory tool integration
  • Real-time app notifications
  • Built-in, fully customizable MPI tool
  • VIN-scanning for easy locates
  • Robust reporting module
  • On-site training and support
  • Vendor management module
  • Automated smart routing
  • Accessible from any device
  • Integrated digital retailing portfolios
  • Auto displayed recon investment records
  • Start selling units the minute they hit recon
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ReconVelocity Features

  • Transparency across recon workflows
  • Shortened recon time and decreased costs
  • Improved cross-departmental communications
  • Accountability at each step across workflows
  • Instantaneous work approvals
  • Manage recon from any device
  • Identify bottlenecks for fast, corrective action
  • Facilitates data-driven decisions
  • Vendor management and accountability
  • Increased inventory turn
  • Decreased used car value-erosion
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Sell cars faster with digital portfolios
  • Hold more gross by displaying recon investment

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You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It…

Hear It From A Few Of Our Dealer Partners

Darren Dortch

Toyota of Dallas / Berkshire Hathaway

Chris Slayton

President , Vernon Auto Group

Brian Benstock

GM/Partner, Paragon Honda Acura

Jeff Dyke

President, Sonic Automotive

Jay Welch

CEO, RightDrive Auto Group

Patrick Abad

GM, Beaver Toyota

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Our App Works On Any Mobile Device!

ReconVelocity mobile app automatically syncs with the desktop version in real-time.

ReconVelocity is available on the apple app store and google play
ReconVelocity works on any smartphone device

A Proven & Unparalleled Support System

Set-Up & Installation By Automotive Professionals

A world class training and support model that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE.

7-14 Days Set-Up &
Implementation Time

Live Technical
Support & Online Training

Dedicated Performance Manager

Are You Ready To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross?

Dealership Benefits:

  • Convert More Online Shoppers
  • Drive Digital Engagement
  • More Leads & Showroom Visits
  • Consistent Sales Presentations
  • Value-Based Sales Conversations
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Higher Gross Profits
  • Increased Inventory Turn

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