A Tried-And-True Implementation & Support System

Automotive Experts With DEEP In-Dealership Experience Across Fixed & Variable Operations

ReconVelocity Process Starts Here

A Digital & Recon Success Plan That Works!

Automotive professionals are all too familiar with paying for software solutions and tools that dealership sales and service employees seldom or never use. We’re changing that tiresome game at Velocity Automotive Solutions. We are committed to the highest level of dedicated support by experienced automotive professionals.

Our support and performance model stems from the world-class training and support program that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE. No other automotive recon software provider offers the level of commitment to dealer success as Velocity Automotive Solutions.

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First Things First…

Recon & Digital Processes Assessment

Our implementation and success plan starts with a situational assessment, giving us the information we need to start a custom buildout of your recon workflow, including step thresholds and user set-up. First, we gain an understanding of the unique logistics of your dealership’s current recon operation. We’ll get a thorough understanding of your digital sales processes. We get down to the nuts-and-bolts of your operation, so we get it right!

ReconVelocity Core Integrations Process Assessment Icon

Your Core Integrations

ReconVelocity Accountable Steps Process Assessment Icon

Accountable Individuals

ReconVelocity Vendor List Process Assessment Icon

Goal Times & Reporting

ReconVelocity On-Site Sublet Vendors Process Assessment Icon

On-Site Sublet Vendors

ReconVelocity Recon Departments Process Assessment Icon

Logistics Of Recon Operation

ReconVelocity Service Advisor Process Assessment Icon

Advisor & Technician Processes

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Best Practice Recon & Digital Process Recommendations

If it ain’t broke, don’t break it – but let’s tweak it, together…

We know many aspects of your recon and digital sales processes are working, but we also know that you expect us to make best practice recommendations for maximize efficiency and ROI. With decades of automotive experience across variable and fixed operations, our team with work with dealership employees across recon and digital sales to create a customized and effective implementation plan that will work best for your dealership. 

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ReconVelocity Best Practice Process Recommendations

A Customized Setup With You In The Driver’s Seat

Every dealer operation is different. From off-facility inventory garages to geographically dispersed outsourced service providers to 50-acre facilities – your recon and digital processes are going to be unique. We configure a fully customized set-up for your dealership, including the set-up of recon steps and sub-steps, thresholds, individual notifications, and vendors. And… there’s no need to call support when you want to modify or skip a step!

ReconVelocity Customizable Steps Process

Customizable Steps

ReconVelocity Step Configuration Process Customized Setup

Sub-Step Configuration

ReconVelocity Access Settings

Access Steps In Settings

ReconVelocity Automated Smart Routing

Smart Routing

We Offer The Most Flexible Step Management In The Industry.

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Implementation By Experienced Automotive Professionals

We Understand The Car Business

We Know The Challenges You Face

Our Implementation Team is comprised of a diverse group who have served in many capacities in this business, including the roles of Sales Manager, Service Manager, BDC Manager, Sales Professional, Business Manager, General Manager, Technician, and more. Together, we analyze your current processes and custom set-up and test it. Next, we’ll be heading ON-SITE to work side-by-side with your team members!

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ReconVelocity at your city on-time

On-Site Training By Automotive Experts

This is where the rubber meets the road. Our on-site training and implementation session is an exciting time for everyone – both our team and yours. When we arrive, we immediately get things going with a Kick-Off Meeting so that everyone understands exactly what we’ll be doing during our time together and the end vision of what we will accomplish.

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Boots On The Ground, World-Class Training

  • 2-Day in-store training with recon experts
  • Experts work with each individual accountable in the process
  • Mobile app installs to ensure everyone is ready to go
  • Hands-on training with porters, detailers, technicians, advisors, sales managers, vendors, and inventory managers
  • Our recon experts will share industry best practices
  • We roll our sleeves up together!

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A Dedicated Performance Manager

Our Performance Team produces proven results from best practices learned from dealers across the country. They work closely with your employees to decrease your recon time and increase your sales velocity and turn!

Once we have implemented your solution, we will assign a dedicated Performance Manager to your dealership, who will proactively monitor individual utilization of VelocityEngage and ReconVelocity. If we see opportunities for improvement, we’ll make recommendations and phone calls – with additional online training if needed!

ReconVelocity Performance Manager Hero

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You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It…

Hear It From A Few Of Our Dealer Partners

Darren Dortch

Toyota of Dallas / Berkshire Hathaway

Chris Slayton

President, Vernon Auto Group

Brian Benstock

GM/Partner, Paragon Honda Acura

Jeff Dyke

President, Sonic Automotive

Jay Welch

CEO, RightDrive Auto Group

Patrick Abad

GM, Beaver Toyota

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A Proven & Unparalleled Support System

Set-Up & Installation By Automotive Professionals

A world class training and support model that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE.

7-14 Days Set-Up &
Implementation Time

Live Technical
Support & Online Training

Dedicated Performance Manager

Are You Ready To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross?

Dealership Benefits:

  • Convert More Online Shoppers
  • Drive Digital Engagement
  • More Leads & Showroom Visits
  • Consistent Sales Presentations
  • Value-Based Sales Conversations
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Higher Gross Profits
  • Increased Inventory Turn

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