A Match Made In Heaven

The Marriage Of Digital Retailing & Used Car Reconditiong

ReconVelocity Revolutionize Your Workflow Hero

Truly Digitized Recon

When it comes to used cars, every day that a unit sits in inventory unsold, costs you money. By cutting costs in recon, decreasing the Retail-Ready time, and increasing selling days, dealers will see gross profits move from recon to the bottom line. The goal for every dealer should be to get newly acquisitioned inventory Retail-Ready in 2-5 days.

Our powerful digital retailing functionality integrates with ReconVelocity to fuel VDP engagement while units are in recon, jumpstarting the sales process. Interactive, rich digital portfolios are auto-generated on website SRPs and VDPs, and can be shared across social channels, texted, and sent through the CRM via email the minute a new unit enters the recon workflow.

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Digital Portfolios That Drive Recon Units To The Frontline

It can’t be said enough… when it comes to recon, every minute counts. It counts because it means dollars that are either going to the bottom line or not. ReconVelocity offers superior recon workflow management features WHILE driving online shopper engagement with in-recon units – for an extra push to speed up recon even more.

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 Retail-Ready Time Propelled By Digital Engagement

  • Know where each vehicle is at every minute for real-time conversations with Internet leads
  • Approve work within minutes and start booking customer appointments for test drives
  • Real-time app notifications and communications boost transparency and trust with online shoppers
  • Manage recon and deliver power digital sales presentations anywhere from any device
  • Manage vendors to keep them from holding up the process
  • Smart routing through recon steps, in case your people drop the ball
  • Digital portfolios to start selling on the minute a vehicle enters recon
  • Auto-displayed recon investment records build value & reduce price negotiations
Recon Revolution

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Drive VDP Engagement On Units In Recon To Sell Cars Faster

Powerful Digital Retailing Functionality Jumpstarts The Sales Process!

Why wait for a car to be Retail-Ready to start the sales process? Your goal is to increase the number of selling days so that you can sell more used cars, faster. VelocityEngage fully integrates with ReconVelocity to ignite the sales process on in-recon units and supercharges VDPs auto-generated with window stickers, inspection reports, ebrochures, and reconditioning records. Empower salespeople to have value-based conversations that justify vehicle pricing and reduces price negotiations. To get true velocity to your inventory turn, dealers need to make “in-recon time” – selling time!

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ReconVelocity and ReconMatch Increase Sales Hero

Ready. Set. Recon.

Instantaneous Work Approvals

Technician productivity and efficiency is what keeps the dealership profitable. Why wait for a technician to complete an inspection, pull the vehicle off the rack, and put another one on before approving repair work? With ReconVelocity, you will get an instant notification of work needed so that you can approve work within seconds, so technicians can begin work immediately after inspection.

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Maximize Tech Time

  • Reduce shop time needed for repairs
  • Have access to packs, cost, and appraisal notes for quick decisions
  • Communicate with advisors and technicians in real-time
  • Prevent internals from being pushed aside for customer-pay work
  • Increase technician productivity and efficiency levels
Recon Revolution

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ReconVelocity Sublet Vendor Management Hero

Sublet Vendor Management Made Simple

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Don’t Let Sublets Drive Up Expenses

Sublets that play a role in dealership reconditioning must be held accountable to performing work within targeted thresholds. Without real-time awareness of incoming jobs, sublets may not even know what they have in the pipeline for your dealership – which may prevent them from being able to complete the work within the timeframe you want. What about sublets that are overloaded on work or that have employees that go missing for hours and leave your work hanging? ReconVelocity gives you full transparency into sublet performance and enables you to hold each one accountable for getting the job right, the first time, when you want it done.

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Metrics That Matter

Tracking & Reporting On All Recon Steps

Get accurate, measurable data to set goals for continuous improvement within each step of your recon workflow.

Recon Revolution
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Retail-Ready Time Metric

ReconVelocity’s Retail-Ready Time Metric tracks and reports your used car investment from the point of acquisition, even if a unit is in another state waiting for transport. The system tracks a vehicles time within each step of the process by the minute.

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Average Time-In-Recon Metric

The Average Time-In-Recon Metric tracks and reports from the time of inspection to the time vehicles are Retail-Ready and have gone through the recon steps necessary to get it ready for resale.

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A Proven & Unparalleled Support System

Set-Up & Installation By Automotive Professionals

A world class training and support model that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE.

7-14 Days Set-Up &
Implementation Time

Live Technical
Support & Online Training

Dedicated Performance Manager

Are You Ready To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross?

Dealership Benefits:

  • Convert More Online Shoppers
  • Drive Digital Engagement
  • More Leads & Showroom Visits
  • Consistent Sales Presentations
  • Value-Based Sales Conversations
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Higher Gross Profits
  • Increased Inventory Turn

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