Create Transparency & Build Trust With VelocityEngage Digital Portfolios

Dealers, it’s 2021 and there are more car buyers shopping online than ever before. And these shoppers are more DEMANDING than they’ve ever been. Consumers expect the same online experience when shopping on your website as the do when they shop on Target or Carvana or Amazon. They want transparency. They want access to everything digitally. They want all the information at their fingertips and on their cell phone.

Dealerships no longer “sell” cars. Customers “buy” cars, and they buy from the dealer who gives them the easiest, most transparent experience with all the information they need to make a good decision – whether they are in your showroom or on their own couch.

That’s where we come in… we’re Velocity Engage and we will give you that competitive advantage you have been looking for to increase your digital presence – and we do this by making the online shopping experience EASY, the way your customers want it.

Simply stated, there are some very important pieces missing on your website and in your sales presentations today. The VelocityEngage digital portfolio is not a replacement to your “website”, but it is the most powerful digital sales presentation tool ever created for your salespeople and BDC, PLUS a vast improvement to your existing website that will give your shoppers the information they want – information that you aren’t currently presenting.

A complete VelocityEngage Portfolio includes everything the consumer typically spends hours researching over multiple websites – but now we have put it ALL IN ONE PLACE with easy access.

Customers WANT to see the original window sticker information with all the options and original MSRP on the used vehicle they are considering.

They want to see the original manufacturer brochure that explains the vehicle top to bottom, and if there is any time left on the warranty.

They also want to see the full inspection the vehicle went through and everything the dealership did in the reconditioning process to make this vehicle like new for them. They want to know they are driving off in a safe reliable vehicle that won’t require any immediate expenses.

They want to see videos from the dealership and the salesperson that confirms they are buying the right vehicle from the right dealership – one they can trust.

They want to be able to easily share the vehicle on their social platforms to get reassurance from their friends or significant others.

And most importantly – YOU want to know what your shoppers are most interested in so you can address it with the customer and close more car deals.

With VelocityEngage, you will get full HEAT map reporting showing you everything the customer clicks on, and how long they were viewing it! Having this information on every shopper is a game changer for your managers and salespeople. Quickly identify your lowest hanging fruit and know exactly what is most important to them.

VelocityEngage is the old school evidence manual or worry-free folder that should be getting put together on every vehicle, for every customer, every time – but let’s face it – it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because it’s too manual and too time consuming, until now. We automate all of the data collection for you and put it in a digital format to easily review and share with your customers.

The VelocityEngage digital portfolio will also connect to your financial tools so your prospect can calculate their monthly payment and even get pre-qualified for financing and a see the trade-in value of their car.

Your salespeople will love the ability to share VelocityEngage Portfolios via text, email, your current CRM – or access VelocityEngage portfolios 24/7 by including them on your existing website SRP and VDP pages.

VDP engagement is the number one indicator of a car sale! Increasing your engagement will increase your sales and increase your gross!

VelocityEngage digital portfolios bridge the gap in digital retailing – this is the piece you have been missing. And now, your dealership will have a competitive advantage by delivering a world class car buying experience.

Velocity Engage….The best way to engage with today’s demanding car shopper. Perfect sales presentations, every time.