Hello, my name is Gage Hathcock and I am one of the owners here at Velocity Automotive Solutions. What you are experiencing right now is our latest product VelocityEngage! VelocityEngage is the most powerful digital sales presentation tool ever created for your salespeople and BDC.

Right now – just by you opening this I got alerted that you are actively engaged and connected with me. I will also know exactly how long you are engaged with each module within the portfolio below. Imagine your salespeople, bdc team, and managers having this information at their fingertips to help improve their communication back with the customer. Knowledge is power. Power to convert more leads, close more deals, and hold more gross by knowing exactly what your customers are most interested in.

In each of your vehicle portfolios we will include valuable information that your customers want to see – but don’t get right now with your existing website and in store process. Things such as original OEM window stickers with all the options and original MSRP on your preowned inventory. You have this on new vehicles, but not on your used. Give your used car customers that new car experience. Or how about your reconditioning service receipts. On average you are probably spending $1200 to recon your vehicles. Customers want to see this and it adds value and transparency to your vehicles when shopping. VelocityEngage will give you that competitive advantage you have been looking for.

VelocityEngage is completely customizable, and completely automated. The moment a vehicle hits your inventory – a portfolio will be generated. This is the way to ensure your dealership and your vehicles are getting presented the right way every time. Include documents and videos that walk your salespeople and customers through why they need to buy this vehicle from your dealership. Documents and videos such as CPO or non-CPO inspection forms, dealership specific warranty information, Meet the GM videos explaining the transparent and easy process when buying a car from your dealership, and so on.

In todays modern retailing world – automated digital transparency is a must!

Reach out to us today and let us show you how easy this can be to get started. This is my digital business card – my information can be found just above this video!