Hugh Hathcock, Found of ELEAD1ONE & Velocity Automotive Solutions, and Troy Duhon, Owner of Premier Automotive Group – talk with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News about VelocityEngage and the acquisition of a long-standing company that provides window stickers to dealers, consumers, and banks. VelocityEngage embodies ReconVelocity, the industry’s most advanced recon workflow management software – giving dealers multiple solutions within one tool. VelocityEngage’s window sticker component also integrates with vAuto – and allows dealers to pull an unlimited amount of window stickers automatically within their digital portfolios, in the showroom, and while appraising vehicles. Salespeople are now armed with all the information they need about a vehicle to answer any questions their customer may have. This level of transparency creates an atmosphere of trust and values, which ultimately translates to more car deals and increased gross profit.

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