VDP Engagement Is A Much More Important Measuring Stick Than VDP Views

VelocityEngage Powers VDPs To Become Selling Machines

Seriously Superior Digital Merchandising

Keep Car Shoppers On Your VDPs 6x Longer On Average

Online shoppers that engage at least 10 times with a VDP have a higher probability of converting into a showroom visit. Since the majority of online shoppers bail from VDPs in less than 30 seconds, shoppers need an immediate and incredibly effective merchandising experience when they arrive. VelocityEngage showcases your inventory and dealership with dynamic visuals, videos, and documents – with many opportunities for engagement.

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Sticky-Like-Glue VDP Content!

The More Time A Shopper Spends On A VDP, The Less Likely They Are To Leave It

Car shoppers seek out relevant and valuable information that will help them make the right buying decision. On average, shoppers spend between 1:30 and 2:45 minutes/seconds on VDPs that display standard vehicle photos, pricing, and specifications. VelocityEngage increases VDP engagement by up 34x, which means shoppers are far less likely to leave and more likely to contact and visit your dealership.

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Captivate Car Shoppers

Deliver Relevant Content In An Easy-To-Navigate, Visual Format

The VDP may be the first (or last) impression a shopper has of your inventory and dealership. Shoppers want to know everything about the vehicle you are selling. They want information that will help them decide if they should buy from your dealership. Delivering highly relevant, rich content in an attractive design that is logically organized and easy-to-navigate translates to a truly exceptional and compelling online shopping experience.

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A Proven & Unparalleled Support System

Set-Up & Installation By Automotive Professionals

A world class training and support model that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE.

7-14 Days Set-Up &
Implementation Time

Live Technical
Support & Online Training

Dedicated Performance Manager

Are You Ready To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross?

Dealership Benefits

  • Convert More Online Shoppers
  • Drive Digital Engagement
  • More Leads & Showroom Visits
  • Consistent Sales Presentations
  • Value-Based Sales Conversations
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Higher Gross Profits
  • Increased Inventory Turn

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