VDP Engagement Is The #1 Indicator Of A Car Deal

Drive Digital Engagement To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross

Cars Sell Faster With High Levels of VDP Engagement

VDP Activities 

The Role That “Touch” Plays In The Sale Of A Vehicle

Having a shopper “view” a VDP is one thing but inspiring a shopper to “engage” with the VDP is another. Engagement moves shoppers from awareness to consideration, which makes them much more likely to convert to a sales opportunity.  A VDP that yields 30 views within a 30-day period with an average of 10 engagements per view has a 70% chance of selling within this timeframe.

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Sell Cars 3x Faster

Reduce Costs & Add More Gross To The Bottom Line

Each day that a used vehicle sits on the lot, the dealership loses money – in the form of an average carrying cost of $37 per day and depreciation. Because VelocityEngage converts more online shoppers into contactable sales opportunities with higher than average closing ratios – it speeds inventory turn. Reduced carrying costs and less depreciation means more gross profit flows to the dealership’s bottom line.

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Watch. Click. Share. Download. Explore.

Shoppers Who Touch A Product Are More Likely To Buy It

When a customer comes onto your lot, one of the primary goals is to get them into a vehicle for a test drive. There is a perceived sense of ownership when shoppers feel the softness of leather, make seat adjustments, and experiment with the radio – they get psychologically connected. When the VDP experience is just as rich and vivid as the one on your lot and shoppers watch videos, click images, download documents, share the experience, and explore content – you will sell cars faster.

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More Leads, Conversations, Visits & Deals

Increase Online Conversions By Providing All The Information Shoppers Want IN ONE PLACE

Most online shoppers leave your VDPs to search for customer reviews, ebrochures, window stickers, and more. VelocityEngage delivers all the information shoppers need to make a decision on ONE PAGE. The result is more contactable leads,  a higher connection ratio on Internet leads, more showroom visits, and more car deals. 

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Highlight Vehicle Quality & Safety

Increase Average Gross By Up To $589 Per Deal

Car shoppers are less likely to visit a dealership in person to get the information they need to make a decision. They expect complete transparency, and they want the process to be easy and hassle-free. By displaying window stickers, recon records, and inspection reports on all used vehicles, you deliver the experience that shoppers expect AND salespeople are empowered to have value-based conversations that justify price. On average, dealerships experience an increase in the average gross profit on used car deals of up to $589 per deal.

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A Proven & Unparalleled Support System

Set-Up & Installation By Automotive Professionals

A world class training and support model that Hugh Hathcock and his team established over 35+ years at ELEAD1ONE.

7-14 Days Set-Up &
Implementation Time

Live Technical
Support & Online Training

Dedicated Performance Manager

Are You Ready To Sell Cars Faster & Hold More Gross?

Dealership Benefits:

  • Convert More Online Shoppers
  • Drive Digital Engagement
  • More Leads & Showroom Visits
  • Consistent Sales Presentations
  • Value-Based Sales Conversations
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
  • Higher Gross Profits
  • Increased Inventory Turn

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